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Turnkey Lender is an international provider of lending industry automation solutions. The company approached us for a redesign of their main corporate website. The project goals were to improve UX design and overall presentation in order to facilitate higher customer conversion rates and strengthen brand image.

We started the project by creating a solid information architecture and making the website’s UX prototype. We laid out pages to be more effective in delivering key product advantages, helping to build trust and credibility by promoting the company’s and product success.

To create a unique and eye-catching visual design we developed a base graphic element that resembles a key and a globe together — a metaphor based on the company’s name and logo. We used that element to create visually rich and stylistically coherent yet minimalist and formal presentation tools and illustrations. As a result the website looks and feels diverse in features and content, yet is uniform in its visual language and tone of voice.

The website is rich in infographics, various product attributes and other content. We designed a visual language that allows these various materials to be presented in a light and inspiring way using illustrations, photos and interactive elements. As a result the website is content rich yet easy to digest and pleasant to interact with.

Along with comparatively formal product presentation, there’s a more creative company presentation that delivers information about the company values and strategy in a more advanced way, using original design ideas and cutting-edge animations.

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