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Amaffi Corporate Portal

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Amaffi is an ultra-luxury perfume house, producing some of the most exquisite fragrances in the world. The company approached with a task of creating a Corporate Portal to help employees in the boutiques around the world to have access to the product knowledge base, test their product knowledge, and be in touch with the company’s culture and the team.

Amaffi wanted a Corporate Portal that is in line with the company's spirit and not something that fits anyone. We created a unique user experience and visual design that reflects the magic qualities of the company products and attitude towards business.

Rich 3D-rendered illustrations implemented on the website with WebGL create a unique atmosphere unique to the Amaffi brand's spirit.

Each Corporate Portal’s section has a unique illustration that symbolises the contents excitingly.

A perfume page allows Amaffi employees to get detailed information about the ingredients, technical details and get acquainted with training and seminar videos.

We developed a quiz system for the employees to test their product knowledge and get corresponding rewards and ratings. The process is never boring due to elegant illustrations and animation.

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