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Accent is an investment management group with a focus on investments in high-grade commercial real estate. The company approached us for a complete revamp of their communication strategy, which included brand strategy, visual identity and website design, and development for companies that belong to the group.

Branding & Strategy

The visual identity improved on an existing trademark, giving it a more modern and professional look, better suited for mass marketing that the company is targeting with its new strategy. The brand book we developed includes a wide array of communication tools that will allow the company to maintain a coherent outlook and tone of voice across different media.

The brand strategy that we developed for the client provided a solid basis for the whole project. We interviewed the client’s team, analysed the competition and researched the industry, to identify the category drivers and the company’s strengths in order to develop an effective brand positioning. We discovered that the client’s team’s professionalism and genuine interest in their clients’ success, coupled with their transparency and openness, would serve as an effective point of difference for further brand communication.


We designed the company’s websites to build trust and foster credibility by promoting Accent’s experience and competence in the field. The various presentation blocks have an original and highly immersive design, boosting visitors’ interest with various interactive features. The visual design is based around the Accent brand’s key logo, a square, which provided us with a quite strict but rewarding set of creative constraints. Content and feature rich, the website yet looks and feels cutting-edge and easy to use.

A custom scroll engine implemented especially for the website, along with various cutting-edge interactive features, makes otherwise formal and reserved visual design look innovative, advanced and smart.

One of the website’s hidden gems, as is usually found in our work, is an emotional brand manifest presentation that conveys the story behind the brand’s core — a tireless search for ultimate knowledge.

The Accent team’s openness and authenticity are among their key attributes. That was why we created a high-class photo shoot depicting the team members in their work context, creating highly personal and trustworthy portraits.

Along with the photos we shot a series of interviews for the website’s ‘Academy’ section, as well as product presentations. A pinnacle is the ‘Accent funds’ promo video that we designed, animated and enriched with the interview with the team.

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