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NaftaGaz is an independent oilfield service company active in constructing wells of all types and any complexity. Unlike the heavy competitors in the industry, the company is agile, modern, with a sharp focus on environmental and social responsibility. NaftaGaz approached us to develop a solid-looking yet inspiring and colourful website capable of truly representing the heart of the company — care about the employees and the nature, reliability and technological advancement as a business partner, and a visionary business perspective.

Who said the oilfield company website should be dull? Preserving the look and feel of a corporate and formal website, we nevertheless managed to create a rich and inspiring website, capable of conveying a human touch behind the company's ethos, creating a lively and vivid impression.

Vivid infographics and cutting-edge interactive WebGL illustrations add a lively sparkle to the dry business figures.

Unexpected view transitions and creative design add to the engaging storytelling and keep the visitor's attention focused.