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AVA Group, a large investment and development holding, approached us to develop their new corporate website. The task involved copywriting, UX and visual design, and photo and video shooting — to create an authentic and effective solution. Based on the extensive series of team interviews, we developed original corporate copy, including the main tagline, strategy and mission statements, and all business areas, which allowed us to come up with a unique design and high-end technical implementation.

The client didn't have a full-scale brand platform, and we had to provide input into the corporate identity to produce the design. We added a few styles to the visual identity that evolved around the sloping shapes that can be guessed in the company logo. The dynamic outlook of the company is conveyed by the forms and augmented by a powerful tagline — Impulse To Development. The website delivers the company's unique character through patterns that imitate impulses. The large photos that we took especially for the website and the organic animation, reflect the modern personality of the company. The finishing touch is a breathtaking video that translates the philosophy and spirit of the AVA Group.

A special focus was placed on the "Sustainable Development" section. The AVA Group's strategy is based on ESG principles, which means that the company has chosen to be conscious of the impact of its activities on nature, society and the future.

To engage the user, we have used vivid and emotional illustrations, that are layered and create a beautiful parallax-effect when scrolling.

To make the company's story exciting, we used impressive 3D graphics, partly realized with WebGL.

The 3D graphics and animations that we developed make the story rich and memorable.

The company's business lines are presented on uniquely designed, rich pages. We strive to evoke interest in website users; so the information is presented in a vibrant and interesting way.

We used cutting-edge UI design solutions to match the company's technologically advanced spirit. This can be seen in the subtle original details, such as the filters in the tenders and news sections.

The Careers section invites potential employees to become a part of the AVA Group. In addition to a functional list of job offers, the section includes a presentation of the corporate atmosphere and fascinating success stories of the company's employees.

To make the communication rich and exciting, we've created a corporate video, which we are sure, won't leave you unmoved. Starting from the plot and finishing with the filming and editing, we tried to convey the essence of the brand in the most inspiring and emotional fashion.

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