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Transact Bank is a prominent global fintech company with a presence in EU and US markets. The company required a complete revision of both its communication and product design to get an edge while rolling out an updated strategy. We helped Transact Bank design a new marketing website and developed the UX design and front-end for the new online bank.

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We carefully studied Transact Bank’s various client categories and developed user personas to represent each of them. The personas guided us through the UX design process by helping us envision the user goals and needs, and come up with UI features that would help to resolve them. We developed and tested an interactive prototype to ensure that our interaction design hypotheses were sound. The UI visual design and ensuing cutting-edge front-end implementation helped to add an elegant and modern touch to the final product — useful, intuitive and pleasant to work with.


The new Transact Bank website is designed to help the company sign up new clients for its payment processing business and banking services primarily on the US market. The website structure and design are clean, efficient and focus on presenting the key product benefits and company advantages in the most effective and compelling way.

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