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Food Compliance International is the leading food law consultancy in the world. The company advises multinational companies in legal matters about exporting food and customer care products. Despite the prevailing stereotype of conservatism and formality in legal communications, the company’s culture and attitude towards clients and business is about personal involvement, drive, and desire to help. Building on this insight, we created a website that conveys their unique personality and expands on various company strong points creatively and inspiringly.

We developed a new brand visual language, especially for the website. It is based on the ideas of the original logo — a V-mark and a box, which we extrapolated to various forms, creating elegant graphic patterns that serve as a foundation of the visual compositions on different website pages.

We came up with the concept and contents for the core company presentation on the homepage and achieved a rich and immersive design with video, animated graphics and 3D objects implemented with WebGL.

The monochrome gamma enriched with a vivid corporate blue create a stylish and fresh impression of the website.

A corporate blog with clever filtering is a true treasure trove of useful information for professionals.

The client was excited about the new visual style and asked to align their various corporate communication materials with it.