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A company within Pioneer Group, one of the largest property developers in Russia, Pioneer Service is a management company that takes care of the everyday handling and maintenance of Pioneer Group buildings. Our goal was to design a website that would improve customer relationships by communicating a more open and customer-oriented image, as well as to assist in facilitating faster and easier order placement.

One of the key project goals was to create and convey a more open, caring and trustworthy image of the company to its customers. We outlined a few brand attributes that could help in achieving this goal, and created an effective presentation using top-grade photography, custom copywriting and a combination of formal and relaxed design elements, to build a disciplined yet warm and human tone of voice.

Visually the design is based around the company’s logo — a series of stripes and square elements. This creates a coherent and diverse image, using as few visual metaphors as possible.

The website is designed to allow customers to quickly and easily locate and order a required service, or get in touch with a representative of the management company. All these features are conveniently placed at the top of the project page. Important documents and promotional offers are found lower down the page.

Purchasing the management company’s services couldn’t be easier — everything can be done on a single page. We designed a section to allow the customer to easily preview all available options and order those required without having to load various pages or navigate to the basket before completing the order.

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