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DeGirum is a California-based AI startup that stands out in the Edge AI sector. With a unique focus on cloud-based development, they offer a platform where businesses can develop, test, and refine Edge AI and ML models directly in the cloud. Our task was to design and develop a customer portal and a promo website.

Customer Portal

The dashboard is a perfect example of the ideal balance between functionality and aesthetics. At a glance, users can effortlessly monitor the number of active processes indicated by a dynamic orb animation, along with the remaining computing time and storage space. The design is minimalist — strict and to the point, with every button, icon, and animation serving a specific purpose.

Despite its functional core, the portal exudes a sense of cutting-edge technology. The aesthetic elements are crafted in such a way that, even to the uninitiated, it's evident the portal deals with advanced technologies, possibly even artificial intelligence. The unique background pattern is mirrored on the promo website as well, uniting the portal and the website into a singular, cohesive, and high-tech identity.

We maintained consistency in the design language across the entire portal. Familiar icons and buttons maintain uniformity and help new users adapt to the portal and master its functions quickly. By analyzing the functionality of DeGirum’s platform, we implemented relevant filters to enhance navigation and greatly reduce user friction.

Users can see the performance of their ML models in real-time. We've carefully structured all necessary information to ensure the highest level of clarity and accessibility. Key details such as inference duration and results are presented in a concise, uncluttered format.

The customer portal is fully scalable to mobile devices, with every function and feature available on the desktop also accessible on smaller screens.

Promo Website

DeGirum's business stands out as a unique, one-of-a-kind venture in the tech sector. For the promo website, our aim was to make each of DeGirum’s solutions clear, attractive, and understandable to anyone who would visit the website. The design appeals to both professionals well-versed in the field and newcomers alike.

We created a captivating 3D orb using WebGL — a technology renowned for enabling spectacular and dynamic 3D graphics directly in web browsers. As users scroll down the page, various particles come together to form the orb, which serves as an animated representation of DeGirum's solutions. As the orb takes shape, it splits into three distinct segments labeled 'Software,' 'Hardware,' and 'Models', providing an overview of the company's direction and capabilities. The orb is interactable — some particles, if highlighted, provide a more detailed description of DeGirum's products.

We created an animated x/y chart that immediately draws the reader's attention. It demonstrates how DeGirum's methodology simplifies the process and eliminates the need for separate coding and testing across various hardware configurations.

Similar to our approach with the customer portal, we aimed to establish a distinct presence for DeGirum, one that reflects its serious, business-oriented, and direct identity committed to advanced technological solutions. We chose to utilize blocky, substantial forms and patterns, steering away from the current trends of playful, oval shapes. This decision allowed us to successfully deliver a strong and unique visual identity that aligns with DeGirum's professional and straightforward ethos.

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