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Victory Park Residences is an elite residential complex in the prestigious Moscow district adjacent to Victory Park. The complex comprises a few small apartment buildings with a rich infrastructure that includes a superbly designed inner territory and an array of shops and restaurants. Our task was to present the luxury offering with the required elegance, technological advancement and visual impact.

Besides general presentation, the website features a few unique and original apartment selection tools, like this wizard we created to facilitate a faster and more convenient process. It allows the potential customer narrowing down the apartment choice not by reviewing the floor plans but by answering questions that target the customer’s life context and goals.

The website is designed to allow customers to quickly and easily locate and order a required service, or get in touch with a representative of the management company. All these features are conveniently placed at the top of the project page. Important documents and promotional offers are found lower down the page.

The complex’s deluxe location is effectively presented with interactive illustrations about adjacent parks and popular places of interest within a walking distance.

Easy and effective apartment search is paramount of the website. The customers may arrive at the desired apartment using an originally designed parametric selection or via a visual search.

Besides the standard apartment layout, the apartment page is full of valuable information — the views from the windows, finishing options, available parking lots, and all the financing options to make the dream a reality.

Touch panel

To facilitate a richer and more effective apartment selection in the sales office, we designed a special interactive presentation with real-time 3D elements It allows the customer to review the complex in a more detail via a more “hands on” experience, get acquainted with various apartment types, as well as with complex’s design and deluxe infrastructure.

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