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Republic is a modern residential complex that has grown up around four restored industrial buildings. Republic invents a new lifestyle at the center of history.

Through design, seamlessly integrating the style of the brand and the style of architecture, we tried to convey the texture and atmosphere of the project created in the heart of history with the preservation of historical bricks and tiles.

We use large images, various compositions and large typography in order to visually make the site richer, more diverse and more textured. Interactive blocks make the experience of interacting with the site memorable and impressive.

The project pays special attention to the historical component of the project — the history of the place and the unique historical architectural objects that the restorers worked on. We have tried to preserve and integrate this feature into the design, using 3D objects of materials that immerse the user in history.

Various interactive solutions that are not similar to each other on each page are made in order to diversify the feeling of the site and make interaction with it more intense.

Bold typography combined with inspiring renderings, additional infographics and cut-out objects create a rich and fascinating effect that encourages the user to dive in and learn more about the project.

Convenient selection of houses and apartments on a visual render and by specific parameters. The location of each element is thought out aesthetically and functionally.

On the Lifestyle page we create the feeling of traveling through the four historical buildings of the project — an interactive map of the project, which is always in sight, is needed so that we do not stray from the route, as if we were walking directly along the boulevards of the complex.

A variety of promo blocks, the use of lifestyle photos allows you not only to understand but also to feel the project, its mood. We also made custom maps taking into account the brand style with a mark of significant nearby places.

Due to the creative and original animation, everyone can immerse themselves in the history of the project as if turning the pages of a history textbook.

An interactive 3D map of the entire project offers to walk along the boulevards and courtyards of the project, look into every corner and find out what is hidden in them.

Each page, whether it is even a technical purchase page or a call order, is made with an individual attitude to it, is not like the others, retaining its individuality but obeys the general style of the project.

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