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Astris is a luxurious real estate project in a prestigious district of Moscow historically known for being the residence of the heads of the state and academia. Besides developing the website, our task involved creating the complete branding and promo materials, including naming, visual identity, 3D, illustrations, photos and print.

Website & 3D

We started the work by creating a communication strategy to secure a sound foundation for all further products. This is a neoclassical, Palladian building, and the prospective clients are high-net-worth individuals in their fifties, so we took the motives of everlasting values and timeless design — which appeal to this clientele and resonate with the project — as a core of the communication strategy. The tagline reads: “True values last forever like a scattering of stars in the night sky,” referencing to the project name, Astris, meaning “of the stars,” as it was coined by the project’s architect who envisioned the residents to be high-profile people living like the stars in a constellation.

We interviewed the project’s team, including designers from the United Design Partnership in London, and researched everything we could get our hands on that could be interesting to the future building’s residents — from the history of the architectural style and history of the location to technical details of the building, routes to have refreshing and interesting walks, places to consider for education and leisure — and created what is basically an illustrated encyclopedia of the project.

The sheer volume, depth and richness of the content should highlight the attention to detail and broad approach of the project’s developer to create a truly timeless masterpiece that would retain its value in 50 or even 100 years. Someone who seriously considers buying such a property would be compelled to get all the information available to validate the purchasing decision and would appreciate our work.

The final task was bringing it all together on a website that simultaneously felt on the technological cutting edge and highly traditional and elegant. We settled on the idea of long, story-like pages with contrasting design and superb content to achieve the look and feel of a highly polished and elaborate product. The final subtle — yet very effective — addition was the website’s intro: a WebGL animation showing the building literally composed of stars morphing into a 3D render.

Branding & Print

Having a broad material base allowed us developing rich illustrations, from highly atmospheric exterior visualization to the area-native bird and plant drawings to custom photos and videos.

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