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Jayasom is an ultra-luxury international wellness company that provides holistic treatments to clientele in the top-grade hotels around the world. Our goal was to design a high-class website that promotes Jayasom to potential partners, resorts and investors.

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  • Bronze in Beauty Rating Runeta

Jayasom uses a holistic approach to help its clients evoke their natural beauty, health and potential. We depicted that using images of the subtle beauty of nature and transforming them with the user’s interaction into people’s silhouettes. As a result, natural beauty becomes an inner part of Jayasom’s people — this was the communication concept.

Another element is the strings that go through the site’s scenes as a single element, reacting to the users’ interaction like a wave. They break into straight, separate lines in the Modes section, where they become an interactive menu for the services offered by Jayasom in its wellness centers.

The use of state-of-the-art visual effects and scene transitions enabled us to create an advanced, yet subtle and elegant atmosphere. The website uses a lot of WebGL and advanced JavaScript tricks to make the user experience unique; making them work smoothly without overloading the CPU presented another challenge to us.

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