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To shine and be remarkable and noticeable are the meaning of Eniteo in Latin. A modern, high-tech residential complex comprised of two glossy high-rises that indeed glow in the sunlight will be a remarkable new development in Moscow. Our goal was to expose everything great about the building with a comprehensive and inspiring website and photorealistic and artistic 3D visualisation. We took the project’s brand — muted colours and simple graphics — as a basis and made the project shine out with elaborate content and superb presentation.

The homepage tells about the key project offerings and benefits with creative and original presentation blocks. Every item is carefully considered and given a special visual and interaction design.

The large and inspiring 3D renders together with large typography, carefully coupled with corporate colours create a rich and impressive effect, motivating the customer to interact with the website.

A rich and diversely designed content allows the potential customer to dive into the project details and come up with a vision of her life there. That’s why creating one is among our main priorities.

Even small details like walking and car routes are presented with original design and carefully prepared infographics, to highlight the brand’s quality and attention to detail.

To add an extra sparkle to a standardised visual apartment selector that looks almost the same on every website, we introduced impressive video sequences for the buildings switching.

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