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Follow Art is an online marketplace that visitors may enjoy as an art inspiration source or a full-scale eCommerce platform. The artists and the galleries may use the platform to gain recognition, win devoted followers, sell their artworks, and run online and offline exhibitions and fairs. The art connoisseurs may enjoy comprehensive filtering and smart search options to find artworks that match their tastes and frictionlessly buy those they like the most. Besides the UI design, we implemented custom frontend and backend solutions precisely tailored to unique Follow Art business requirements.

External Part

The homepage features a feed of recent works, which you can search and filter using various parameters. The laconic design helps to focus on the main thing — art inspiration. All functional part of the interface is muted, which brings vital content uploaded by users to the forefront. A unique solution with large typography gives the project a memorable zest.

The mobile version is built using the mobile application design principle, with the main navigation at the bottom of the screen, which makes it more convenient to use on touch devices.

An informative artwork page helps you make a buying decision faster. All essential information about the work itself, as well as the process of buying or returning, is at hand. The users can view the work in the smallest detail and provide a full-screen display.

The service allows galleries, artists and fair organizers to create their full-fledged page for free in the mini-site format, with a convenient and thoughtful design and bright promo blocks that the system automatically makes.

We have carefully thought out all the details and designed a helpful event calendar. Here visitors and participants can find all the events that Follow Art offers. The proper filtering and search consider the location and help select an event for a specific date.

Every user wants to save favourite works or artists. That's why we've added a "favourites" tab. Here everyone will be able to store their favourite works and create a wishlist for the future. We have developed filters to help sort the artwork by palette and theme to make the process easier. All subscriptions are also saved here, so users don't miss out the most interesting ones.

For any marketplace, attracting an audience is a crucial factor. The site provides many incentives to register for the user number organic growth. For example, you don't have to register to buy an artwork as the website automatically remembers the entered data and, with your consent, immediately prompts you to create an account by just typing in a password.

Internal Part

In addition to the public part of the site, we have fully developed its internal part, where each user category has personal accounts with the appropriate functionality. A single login form is used, and you can change the type of profile after signing up at any time.

When logging into the personal account for the first time, the user is prompted to select the settings for the work feed on the homepage, after which the artificial intelligence system studies the user's preferences and offers relevant content, constantly monitoring his interests and adjusting the settings on the fly.

For artwork buyers, the purchase history is available with accurate details for each order.

For sellers, we created a more professional tool for order management, with full details of all payments and a spectacular dashboard that helps to monitor profits in real-time.

Since sellers need to provide much more information about themselves than buyers, we tried to break down the entire registration process into simple steps, adding motivating gamification. After all, creative people don’t like the routine at all!

We've implemented a similar solution for the artwork management form. The process is broken down into a few simple and short steps, making filling out the form easy.

The desktop version's functionality is duplicated in the mobile one, so you can sell and buy art at any time, wherever you are.

Promo Part

The icing on the cake is vivid interactive promotional pages encouraging new users to participate in the project in any matching role.

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