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Promo Website, Trading Platform

Disona is a fintech company that aims to democratize CFD trading providing a user-friendly platform that simplifies the complex world of CFD trading, making it accessible and understandable to everyone. Our task was to design the trading platform and promo website.

Trading Platform

The trading platform's main screen offers a wealth of information that traders need to keep in view and quickly access a range of tools and settings. We have meticulously designed the interface to strike a balance between providing a high density of information and ensuring it remains simple and understandable for both experienced and novice traders.

The right panel of the page offers numerous functions, allowing traders to create and modify orders, view history, and use Dealing Signals — a technical analysis tool that identifies market trends and patterns. It provides entry, stop, and target levels, along with explanatory charts and expert commentary. The panel's compact design maximizes space for trading graphics, ensuring easy analysis and informed trading decisions.

The chart's full-screen display mode enables traders to work comfortably and focus on analyzing the data. This mode allows for quick opening and closing of orders, providing a seamless trading experience.

The account list screen offers a convenient way to manage your existing accounts and open new ones. With demo accounts, you can practice trading without incurring any financial risk, allowing you to gain experience and build confidence.

Managing funds is a crucial aspect of trading. That's why we've made depositing and withdrawing funds from your account a breeze with our simple and intuitive interface. Sorting the history table by columns, using the calendar, and clear operation status icons make it easy to work with and manage your transactions.

The profile section offers traders the ability to customize their trading experience by editing personal information and setting up various platform preferences. You can easily set up notifications, enable two-factor verification, and personalize the platform to meet your specific needs.

We've given the mobile version of our platform great attention, making it as convenient as possible. To accommodate mobile phone screen size limitations, we've separated information into distinct screens. Fixed bottom panels featuring basic actions make it easy for traders to open accounts.

Copy trading is one of the platform's most fascinating features. It enables you to identify profitable traders, examine their statistics, and mimic their trades. Any trader can become a leader, and other users can copy their trades. Successful traders rise to the top of the rating and are recognized by a special symbol. To make working with the data more convenient, we've included user-friendly statistical visualization tools.

The analytics section provides traders with tools to analyze the market and identify promising opportunities for opening orders. We've taken great care with each block, incorporating visual infographics wherever relevant to aid in data interpretation.

We've created an attractive page to encourage users to invite their friends to the platform, helping to grow the user base.

The platform offers a clear visualization of the bonus system, with achievable levels and step-by-step guidelines. This incentivizes active platform use and rewards traders accordingly.

The platform's entire functionality has been fully optimized for mobile devices, enabling users to execute transactions and monitor their status while on-the-go.

Promo Website

In addition to the platform itself, we have developed a promotional website that vividly highlights the project's advantages. The focus was on the unique 3D graphics and animations that create a bright and memorable impression.

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