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Tasky is a marketplace that helps consumers and service providers of various trades to find each other easily and do business securely. We aimed to develop a super user-friendly environment that addresses both audiences' needs.

For customers

The laconic and intuitive homepage helps users quickly orientate and proceed to the main task — finding the best performer.

Task creation

We designed the task origination to make it simple and obvious. We've minimized the number of required fields and added a fixed scroll bar that tells users how much is left to fill in. After publishing, the final screen gives simple instructions for the next steps.

Find providers from the list

The system's algorithm brings up service providers with high ratings and positive feedback, rewarding the most outstanding providers. We designed the provider cards so the customer could get a first impression of the provider and message him directly from the list. All category pages are optimized for SEO.

Modern chat

We paid a lot of attention to the chat. We made it full screen with a standard message design based on best practices. Chat is designed so that active users don't get confused by a large number of message threads. The threads from providers and customers are divided into two tabs. The status system highlights new messages. Chat informs about the user's online status or when they were online. Following the GDPR, the user can delete all his messages.

The mobile version duplicates the full functionality of the desktop version. Each page has been optimized for touch screens. Chat design is based on the best practice used in popular mobile messengers.

For performers

Provider registration is a large and complex process. Before the registration form, we added onboarding information and listed registration's benefits to motivate users to complete it. The form is divided into logical steps that help create a sense of fast progress. We have provided different price options for each service (per hour of work, per square meter, per turnkey service, etc.). For complex services, we have provided customization tools, for example, if the provider specializes only in some brands of cars, etc.

Provider's page

Every provider is, first and foremost, a professional. Our goal was that providers could have a beautiful page with a complete description of their services. A page that could replace providers' websites and make them want to promote it to their customers. That's why we added a cover customization feature. We made the design functional and informative while being visually pleasing.

Provider's task list

The list of tasks is adapted to each provider. By default, only relevant tasks are displayed in the list. But performers have the opportunity to see all the jobs available on the platform at any time.

Task page

We divided the information on the task page into blocks for quick scanning. To protect performers from dishonest behaviour, we added a customer rating. In addition to the page's functional components, we have tried to simplify the task page with evident emphases and understandable information logic.

Customers need to have quick access to the site. We paid a lot of attention to the development of the mobile version and tried to make it user-friendly. One of the goals in developing the mobile version was to transfer the design into a mobile app with minimal resources. That's why the design of the mobile version looks like a mobile app.

During development, we took great care to follow the design system. All interface elements have been entered into a style guide, and their behaviour has been described for developers. The final version contained a large number of pages and all their possible states.

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