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    CSS Design Awards

Clingr is a hands-free hair dryer holder designed to simplify the hair styling routine. Our objective was to design a visually appealing website and formulate a comprehensive product communication strategy to drive customer attention and sales. To achieve that, we created compelling copywriting that effectively communicated the unique features and benefits of Clingr.

To provide an immersive and engaging experience, we developed highly-detailed 3D renders that bring the device to life and offer a comprehensive understanding of its features. By incorporating interactive scrolling functionality, users can explore the Clingr from all angles and get a complete view of its unique design. Additionally, we utilized custom-made photography of models to showcase the product in use, evoking an emotional connection with potential customers and emphasizing its practicality and convenience.

Engaging animations and diverse block designs can help capture the user's attention and prevent them from becoming bored.

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