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Accent Asset Management Investor Portal

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Accent Asset Management allows its clients to invest in commercial real estate through mutual funds. To facilitate and automate this process, we have designed an investor portal that provides all the necessary tools to work with an investment portfolio. We created a modern and functional design for a financial product which stands out from the competition.

Legislation requires investors to submit documents for proof of identity. To make the registration process not overly complicated, we broke it down into steps. The investor can skip filling in some data and return to them later. Since this is a financial tool, registration involves two-factor verification via SMS. We designed the signup process with best practices in mind.

The dashboard would provide various tips depending on the information the user provided during the registration. We have designed a system of banners to inform users about the need to complete registration.

Fund shares are the main product that Accent Asset Management offers. The fund cards contain key indicators, profitability charts, strategy styles, and risk profiles to make it easier for investors to choose among them. For faster fund comparison, the cards have a clear structure emphasising the key indicators.

We set out to create an outstanding design for a financial product that would stand out significantly from the competition. We paid much attention to working with accents to highlight more important information. We used charts and icons to present information. The alternation of light and dark backgrounds helps divide the information and makes it easier to scan the pages fluently. Bright red accents make the interface unique and recognizable. We used large indents between elements to create a sense of ease and simplicity in exploring the information.

The design of the additional pages is simple and concise. We used contrast in typography and clean UI elements. Partly the style of the cabinet overlaps with the company's website.

Chat is the main communication tool between investors and company managers. Each new topic creates a separate chat thread. A large photo of the manager and their phone number form more trust and personal approach to each client.

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