Awwwards nominate Vide Infra for the Studio Of The Year
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Awwwards nominate Vide Infra for the Studio Of The Year

January 2020


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Vide Infra is among 31 best web design companies from around the world nominated for the prestigious Awwwards annual selection in the Studio of the Year category. Vide Infra is the only company from the Baltic states or Russia in the category that includes some of the web design most recognised heavyweights.

An excellence in creating an original website creative concept, producing a top-level design, and achieving a cutting-edge technical implementation is required to participate and win in the famous web design competition. The nomination signifies Vide Infra’s dedication to the highest design quality; an ability to produce websites that are on par with the output of the most popular design shops globally.

Awwwards is among a few globally recognised web design contests that every designer holds in high esteem. A panel of top-tier designers selects the best websites by evaluating visual design, usability, creativity, and their content. One website is selected per day making it the Site Of The Day. Annual selection is held once year where the best contestants compete for the Agency, Studio, and Website of the year awards.