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RD Electronics, one of the largest and oldest online stores in the Baltic states, approached us to improve their customer conversion rates and boost overall satisfaction and loyalty with an improved UX design. We designed and developed a new and extended 

Detailed analysis of the old website users’ behaviour, comprehensive implementation of Baymard Institute and NNGroup guidelines and best practices for eCommerce website, and finally a thorough UX testing of the proposed new UI ideas served as a sound basis for the effective new user experience design. We eliminated the bottlenecks in the old website while keeping and improving on popular features, introducing a series of new tools that at the same time improved user satisfaction and facilitated higher conversion rates and larger purchase volumes. Conversion rates quadrupled with the new solution.

We introduced several important improvements to the user interface, including a smart search with an autofill function, convenient bundling wizard, a few order extending features and a smart order confirmation process, which manages to hold many options in a single view.

Our goal was to secure the best possible user experience and to increase conversion rates within the framework of our specific business requirements. We especially appreciated that every major UX solution Vide Infra offered was grounded either in research

Artur Sannikov Artur Sannikov Head of eCommerce Department, RD Electronics

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