New wins three international web design awards
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New wins three international web design awards

September 2020


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Our new website has won three leading international web design awards: Site Of The Day at The FWA and The Awwwards, and Site Of The Month at the CSS Design Awards. The latter award placed our work among the year’s 12 best websites.

Although the exact criteria for winning these awards is never known, we believe that it is a combination of effective content, minimalist yet elegant design, and cutting-edge front-end implementation that convinced the judges.

Our previous website was focused on presenting our creative skills through detailed case studies. The new website aims to showcase our strong capabilities in the UX and product design fields, in addition to our established communication design abilities.

We have conducted extensive research into our approach, services, solutions, and industry focus. As a result, potential clients are sure to find something that resonates with their context and needs.

The website’s overall visual design conveys UX and communication solutions in a minimalist and understated way, creating an elegant, laconic and professional atmosphere. The advanced front-end implementation and vivid case studies add a creative spark, and complete a rich and versatile experience.