UX and UI design

In today’s highly competitive landscape, a better user experience could be the defining point for your customers to stay with your offer and not look for alternatives. From your business’s perspective your product could be offering an almost perfect set of functional features and is easy to use. Digging a bit deeper into your customer experience you may discover that they use the product in a different context, look for missing features, or don’t use the most valuable ones because they are hidden from their view, experience pain trying to find their way, or lose interest because the process takes too long. They can tolerate all of this until they have no alternative but the moment it appears you are at risk of losing much of your client base. A comprehensive understanding of the functional, personal and business goals of your customers - creating a user experience that resolves them elegantly, leaving your customers satisfied not only with the results they expected but even with some that they didn’t - is the key to developing winning products. We will help you research, prototype and design a product that will be valuable for its users and highly effective for your business.

  • Assisting in customer research

    Employing our broad experience in customer-centric product design, we will help you direct your efforts in obtaining valuable customer insights with qualitative customer research.

  • Jobs-to-be-done modeling

    “Jobs to be done” is a streamlined and highly efficient product design framework that allows for a faster and more productive user context, motivation and expected outcome research and identification, and creating on their basis jobs stories — a foundation for the prototyping, functional feature identification, and UI design.

  • Product framework design, prototyping

    We will visualise interaction hypotheses using the product's interactive prototype and gradually improve them by analysing the effectiveness of the ideas and introducing required improvements.

  • UX testing

    Validating interaction design ideas with UX testing helps to rule out subjective perception deformations during the design process, to achieve a more effective product from the start.

  • Visual concept design

    Using our broad experience in communication design we will develop a product with a personality that resonates with the customers; a product that offers a pleasurable experience, that is up to date, and triggers the required emotional response.

  • UI design

    We will think through and develop every important view of the product for every required screen resolution and platform. Besides the actual product views, we will deliver a complete design system — a comprehensive visual style guide that the implementation team may refer to for any design question.

Your customers want to find and do business with your organization completely online, so bringing your business online isn’t a choice — it’s a necessity. The more value you are able to provide through digital channels, the higher the chances that you will remain relevant to your customers.

We help businesses invent and develop new digital products as well as streamline existing customer-facing online services, by researching and defining value propositions, developing delightful and valuable user experiences, and engineering highly efficient web-and-mobile-native systems.

What’s Done

British Airways Speedbird Club

Air transportation

British Airways Speedbird Club

Trade Extranet for 70 countries

DNB Nord


DNB Nord

Intranet for 6 countries and 3500 employees

GE Money Dealer


GE Money Dealer

Self-care and BPM system for Latvia

Latvian Republic Cabinet Office


Latvian Republic Cabinet Office

Web publishing

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