Product strategy

Developing new products

We bring broad experience to your project, not only in UI design or technical implementation areas, but also in researching and forming your product’s value proposition, prioritizing features, testing assumptions, and also in understanding and satisfying your customers’ true goals — the key success factors for any product. We will help you avoid the pitfalls of having too wide a focus and a feature creep that will cost you time, money and lost opportunities.

  • Assisting in market and customer research

    We will help focus your research efforts into the competition, opportunities, and potential customer qualitative inquiry to gain valuable insights for developing product offering.

  • Value proposition design

    A clear, relevant and concise value proposition is the key to signing up customers quickly and efficiently, claiming a vacant market position, and bringing the product faster to the market. We will help you select and develop a focused and effective value proposition from a set of options.

  • Product design iterations and UX testing

    We will come with a product framework that addresses the goals of your various customer types, through user personas, requirements analysis, and product interactive prototyping. We will test our interaction design hypotheses with third-party UX testers to validate their effectiveness.

  • MVP development and validation

    Securing a fast and effective development cycle is essential for bringing the product to clients fast, validating the value proposition, and introducing required corrections. A dedicated team assigned to your projects will be shipping new stable product versions after two or three week development sprints, so that you gain momentum fast!

  • Customer development strategies

    Gathering customer feedback, analysing use patterns, and extrapolating user preferences into growth strategies is essential for effective development of your product. We will help your team to approach this by proactively analysing product performance, developing custom reporting and client communication tools.

Improving existing online services

A bad product’s UX may be losing you customers and profits. To stay competitive and make the most out of your digital services you should keep them intuitive, matching your customer’s context and needs, functionally relevant and complete, and easily accessible on all platforms. We will help you assess existing online services for overall user experience, outline and help implement improvements that will boost customer satisfaction, return rate, and loyalty.

  • UX audit

    We will research your product effectiveness for the customers by taking user interviews, UX-testing your current system, benchmarking it to the best-practice guidelines to outline bottlenecks, and present preliminary improvement ideas.

  • Assisting in customer research

    Employing our broad experience in customer-centric product design, we will help you direct your efforts in obtaining valuable customer insights with qualitative customer research.

  • Gradual or complete product revamp roadmap

    We will present possible prioritized product improvement scenarios, module by module, so that you can select what you think is the most crucial for the success of your business.

  • Product design iterations and UX testing

    We will develop user personas, compile requirements, design an interactive product framework, a prototype, which we will be able to assess by using third-party UX testers for the most objective results.

  • Front-end development

    Should you require help in developing a cutting-edge front-end for your product, we will gladly assist you by delivering advanced, efficient and QA- and UX-approved code. You can rest assured that all design ideas are implemented in full and to the highest quality.

Your customers want to find and do business with your organization completely online, so bringing your business online isn’t a choice — it’s a necessity. The more value you are able to provide through digital channels, the higher the chances that you will remain relevant to your customers.

We help businesses invent and develop new digital products as well as streamline existing customer-facing online services, by researching and defining value propositions, developing delightful and valuable user experiences, and engineering highly efficient web-and-mobile-native systems.

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British Airways Speedbird Club

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Intranet for 6 countries and 3500 employees

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GE Money Dealer

Self-care and BPM system for Latvia

Latvian Republic Cabinet Office


Latvian Republic Cabinet Office

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