Front-end development

Fast, technically unimpeachable, with advanced UI animations — how your product looks and behaves plays a critical role in creating lasting impressions on your customers. Today, front-end implementation is not merely a technical task but essentially a part of holistic product design. The availability of various visual effects for view transitions, importance of cross-platform interoperability, high demand for the speed and overall technical quality of the UI make the front-end implementation a highly important part of the product development. We will help you implement a modular, highly optimized, and fast front-end for both web and mobile.

  • Responsive and cross-browser

    We design and implement the product’s front-end to work on all popular devices and screen resolutions. We deliver either responsive or adaptive front-end based on the project requirements.

  • Fast and optimized

    “We use best practices and test our code rigorously to achieve the fastest performance levels on all devices.

  • Robust frameworks

    We offer the most appropriate framework for your specific project requirements with Vue and React being on top of our list.

  • SEO and structured data

    We deliver highly standardized search engine optimized semantic HTML with structured data.

  • ARIA standards

    We implement ARIA best practices to accommodate the fullest user scope possible.

  • Cutting-edge creative implementation

    Our creative work has won us some of the world’s best design awards. We will add a spark to your product by developing high-end visual effects for view transitions, and UI element animations to make the promo parts of your web or mobile app inspiring and catch the customer’s attention.

Your customers want to find and do business with your organization completely online, so bringing your business online isn’t a choice — it’s a necessity. The more value you are able to provide through digital channels, the higher the chances that you will remain relevant to your customers.

We help businesses invent and develop new digital products as well as streamline existing customer-facing online services, by researching and defining value propositions, developing delightful and valuable user experiences, and engineering highly efficient web-and-mobile-native systems.

What’s Done

British Airways Speedbird Club

Air transportation

British Airways Speedbird Club

Trade Extranet for 70 countries

DNB Nord


DNB Nord

Intranet for 6 countries and 3500 employees

GE Money Dealer


GE Money Dealer

Self-care and BPM system for Latvia

Latvian Republic Cabinet Office


Latvian Republic Cabinet Office

Web publishing

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