Back-end development

We offer custom web and mobile application back-end development services for various profiles and industry focuses. We use an industry-standard, versatile and highly efficient technical platform, perfectly suitable for virtually any digital product development, scaling and painless maintenance. Our development process is highly standardized, automated and optimized to allow for a fast and productive development, support or handing the product over to your team.

  • LAMP stack

    We use the most popular, reliable, and efficient open source platform available on the market. Linux-based operating systems, Apache or Ngnix web servers, MySQL database, and PHP programming language power most of the internet.

  • AWS, Google Cloud, Yandex Cloud

    We will suggest and implement the best cloud platform for your project depending on its requirements and geography.

  • Product framework design, prototyping

    We will visualise interaction hypotheses using the product's interactive prototype and gradually improve them by analysing the effectiveness of the ideas and introducing required improvements.

  • Symfony framework

    Symfony is one of the most popular PHP frameworks. It allows fast and efficient development of various types of web applications, as well as painless scaling and support.

  • Continuous integration and agile development

    You will be able to engage and monitor the product as it gets development by a dedicated team. On most of the projects we use two-week sprints, which result in a production-ready, tested product.

  • Established coding style

    We will gladly support and develop your app after the initial release, but should you want to develop it using your own team, you will be able to do it easily thanks to well-documented and clear coding style.

  • Test-driven development

    To secure faster QA and development cycles we develop unit tests and use automated testing, to ensure the new features are seamlessly integrated with the existing ones and the product is bug free.

Your customers want to find and do business with your organization completely online, so bringing your business online isn’t a choice — it’s a necessity. The more value you are able to provide through digital channels, the higher the chances that you will remain relevant to your customers.

We help businesses invent and develop new digital products as well as streamline existing customer-facing online services, by researching and defining value propositions, developing delightful and valuable user experiences, and engineering highly efficient web-and-mobile-native systems.

What’s Done

British Airways Speedbird Club

Air transportation

British Airways Speedbird Club

Trade Extranet for 70 countries

DNB Nord


DNB Nord

Intranet for 6 countries and 3500 employees

GE Money Dealer


GE Money Dealer

Self-care and BPM system for Latvia

Latvian Republic Cabinet Office


Latvian Republic Cabinet Office

Web publishing

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